A great workout and hundred pushups

I sat around yesterday doing homework, playing with the kids and with a strong desire to go sea glass hunting at the beach. That last one didn't pan out but I was really dragging and feeling lazy. My friend Amy called and invited me to join her at the gym. I thought about it for about 20 minutes.

Why did I think so hard, it should be a no-brainer? But I just felt it was one of those days I need to do nothing, maybe, I don't know.

I called her back and agreed to join her with the comment "I'm still sore from walking up the hill pushing the baby stroller so we'll have to take it easy." She agreed. Cool.

Well, this workout was anything but easy. We did a full body strength training class which took me back to my teaching days... um last month :-(. I really miss teaching strength training and hope to somehow come up with a class here. Anyway, Amy and I went through a complete routine, head to toe and 90 minutes later we were home. I felt fantastic. Best of all, I did not feel sore at all. My body was warm, stretched and energized.

I do feel a little sore today but it is a good sore feeling. I'm so glad I didn't let my lazy day get in the way of my workout.

On another note, I recently started the Hundred Push Up Challenge. My exhaustion test yielded 15 max push ups which put me on level 3. Last week I completed a total of 53 on Monday, 58 on Tuesday, and 60 on Friday. A total of 171 push ups--awesome!

Moving on to week two, this week. The numbers will be higher but I can't wait to challenge myself. You ought to give it a try, join me and share your progress. Have an amazing day today. Time to go sea-glass hunting!

Stay Well!!

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