Mood and Food - a difficult combination

Since the big move to Guantanamo Bay I have experienced a myriad of moods, all of which have greatly contributed to my failed nutrition plan. Some days were great, surrounded by friends... and food, others I felt sad and missed my friends so I used food as my comfort, other days I was just bored and thought I deserved to eat what I wanted, after all, I was stressed, tired and did a great workout.

There was always the promise I made to myself that once this happened or tomorrow or just this one time things will change again. It's not the first time and I am first to admit that often, my mood and current situation will affect my food intake; and all my efforts to live a healthy lifestyle are ignored. Thankfully, my exercise routine doesn't get set aside or things would get really ugly around here. I workout everyday and most time I workout out hard because I'm trying to burn off my mistakes.

My other challenge is the fact that here we have one place where we get our food and it isn't always what we want. Coming from the land of Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, and open-air markets, where I was totally spoiled; it has been challenging to realize that my options for fresh foods wont change from one day to the next.

So my plan is to make what we have work for me and my family. The grains are easy here. We have the brown rice, whole grain breads, pasta and cereal. Protein is not an issue either. Most of our fish is frozen (I know, hard to believe) but again, we make do with what we have in that department. Frozen berries have become the new staple in my freezer and of course citrus fruits, apples, bananas and papaya. Soon I'll have more mangos than I can eat because I have a very productive tree in my back yard-- I can't wait!! I prefer fresh fruit and vegetables, although I do keep a good stock of frozen just in case. There are quite a few in the fresh produce isle that I just haven't tried. I am going to use this challenging new home as an opportunity to come up with delicious vegetable dishes using what's available to me.

Today, for the first time, I am trying Blood Orange and they are very juice and sweet. I can't believe I didn't try them sooner.

We'll see what the future brings and what yummy new vegetables I get to try in my recipes.

Have you tried a new fruit, grain, or vegetable lately?

Stay well!


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog! I have not tried a blood orange - but they look enticing!


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