Spinning anyone?

(from the archives)

My favorite treat of all times has always been Oreo cookies and milk but my life started spinning out of control when I was about 18 years old. As I stared at my "perfect" body in the mirror my mom lovingly said with a smile, "your body is structured just like mine....you will probably be like me after you have children." She then smiled and left the room. Let me set the tone for how I felt because I can't think of a better way to describe the moments shortly after she left. My mom, at the time, weighed close to 300 pounds, compared to my 105 pound body. As a teenager I was devastated and promised that would never happen. She said, "you don't have a choice, it's in your genes." No way, the only thing in my "Jeans" is my small body along with my medium frame, no more, no less.

I contemplated never getting married or having children just to avoid inheriting my mother's voluptuous body. She's a beautiful woman and I love her but she believed she was healthy at her weight and didn't really think her health status would ever change. Hispanic people love to eat and it is considered rude if you leave any food on your plate. She was in such denial. Instead of fussing about this issue I took a trip to the nearest recruiting office after watching a catchy United States Marine Corps commercial on TV and decided I wanted to look sharp, I wanted to be tough and what the heck, I wanted to travel the world too. I joined the Marines (a little drastic, I know) and became a Jarhead, a Leatherneck! OORAAH! SemperFi! Ok, I got that out of my system!

My time in the military was short by comparison. I spent four years in the service, traveled to a few states and while stationed in Hawaii I met my best friend, my husband, Mike the toolman. Except he wasn't a toolman at the time, instead he was a body builder. Guess where we met? At the gym. Could my life be any better. Falling in love in paradise and in Hawaii too!

Since 1989 we got married, had four babies, moved ten times within the continental United States and guess what...I've been able to avoid my mother's body. It hasn't been easy, however, to keep up with my husband's military career, the kids, and my body. I am as guilty as the next person of indulging in my favorite snack (Oreo cookies and milk) or any of the foods we're supposed to avoid. I am also guilty of sitting in my couch curled up with a blanket, the TV remote and a bag of chips and salsa right after the kids go off to school and I have the house and the remote to myself. That's a rare thing but it happens then I move on.

After paying for gym fees and not attending, buying gym clothes I never used and attempting every diet on the market only to gain the weight back and then some, I decided it was time for me to join the ranks of those who kept telling me "it's easy, just watch what you eat and exercise...blah blah blah," and I became a Group Fitness Instructor, Spinning instructor and Personal Trainer.

I am still working on reshaping my body since the last baby was born three years ago. Actually, I'm working on reshaping my body since the first baby was born, 19 years ago. I will always be working on my body. Keep in mind that our bodies are a work in progress, there's no such thing as "the perfect body" and I am pretty happy with myself every step of the way. My mom has since taken much of my advice and is at a healthier weight, no blood pressure meds and her type 2 diabetes is completely under control without meds...just exercise and proper nutrition.

I want to share my experiences and expertise with the moms of the world who feel trapped at home with the kids and the chores. I hope my stories, helpful ideas about body, mind and home health will help to open the doors to a community of the hardest working people on earth...Moms. I'll be spinning my way into your home and I hope you and your family will spin your way into better health!

Stay Well!


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