Hundred Pushups and Bok Choy

It is not a good idea to skip a day or two when doing this challenge because catching is hard to do! I skipped Friday and Monday in leu of all the other things I was doing and because I was sore from my prior workouts I thought "hey, I did enough, I'll just pick up on the right day and week." NOT!!! I would have to do 20, 2, 15, 15, max of 25. There's no way. I think I will go back to last Wednesday and start over with week two. OK I can't let that happen again or I'll never reach my goal.

On the bright side, I will begin Spinning again real soon. I'll be working with mostly military members who use Spinning as their morning workout here on base. I hope to keep them motivated and give them a hard, energizing workout that will keep them coming back for more.

I recently bought Bok Choy. I don't know what to do with it but if I don't have it in the house I'll never learn so I'm looking for easy, tasty recipes with this interesting vegetable. HELP!!

Hope to get some tips on how to use my Bok Choy! Have a fantastic, energized, super active, healthy Day!

Stay Well!

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