The Lent Diet- Give up WHAT?

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It seems people these days spend way too much time talking about miracle diets and fast weight-loss. My favorites are the ones that give up something for Lent in hopes they'll never crave it again or in hopes they'll lose weight in the process. Like that's ever going to be a permanent thing. They spend 40 days out of the year avoiding certain foods, this is the big sacrifice. The real sacrifice is to those of us who have to hear them whine on a daily basis. Don't tell me you gave up chocolate or coffee or potato chips because the more you talk about it the more I will be tempted to always show up with all three in my hands, just to get a rise of out you ;-)

Don't get me wrong, I think it's a really good effort and what better time than Lent, when you feel you need to be accountable to God, to give up something you probably shouldn't be 'over'eating to begin with. I respect what you're doing; keep up the good work beyond Lent. But please, quit whining about it. Must you salivate at the site of chocolate brownies and behave like an unfed lion because you have not been able to eat chocolate in the last 30 days? Whose fault is that? Not mine? Then, please, back off and let me enjoy my brownie and "fat-free" milk in peace. And wipe your mouth, you're still salivating.

Personally speaking, I eat what I like to eat and I also eat what I crave, all in moderation (sometimes not.) But because I eat nutritious foods most of the time, I exercise and rehydrate my body regularly, I do not crave much on the junk side of foods. When I do eat my share of 'junk' I don't feel one bit of guilt, I simply enjoy the blissful moment.

It is very important to understand what your body really needs when you are craving something. Thirst is often confused for hunger and this often results in eating too much of a good, and sometimes bad, thing. The problem is that your thirst will linger until you give it H₂O. Other times we eat out of boredom and again we find that food will not satisfy that feeling, so if you are bored go for a walk or go to the gym- guaranteed you won’t be bored there.

Balanced nutrition, plenty of exercise, and H₂O --it's no miracle!


  1. Hi Terie! Love you Lent reflection - you are so right, like give up the whining too, eh? I'm not a participant that's for sure. I gave up sugar 2 years ago. Rarely have any cravings but I WILL have a bite or two of those sinfully delicious brownies a few times a year, and it is guilt free! I'm doing a few blogs on GMO's and the crap in our foods starting Monday - hope you'll drop by!


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