Monday Fitness Tips - Just go do it!

(photo by Kim Aubrey)

It has been the rule since the beginning of ...well, who knows since when, but many of us choose to start almost everything on Monday. Diets, exercise routines, getting organized, reading a book, the list goes on. I remember overeating over the weekend just because I was going to start my diet on Monday--always a bad idea.

Anyway, since it is Monday already and we all want to get or stay in shape I suggest starting something new to change our routine:

1. Revisit the eating habits by keeping a daily journal of everything we eat (from that cough drop to the sinful cookie, even the babies sandwich crust, you know you all do it too). **Drink your water and/or tea. This can be an online journal, a calorie counting journal or a piece of paper and pencil--that works too.

2. Move more while doing chores. Turn the music up and get busy - that all counts as exercise. If you're busy you are less likely to visit the pantry or fridge in search of snacks you really don't want or need.

3. Read the menu for the week and make sure you have all that you need to avoid a big diet sabotage.

4. Find time to regroup, read the schedule for the week, take control of stress by finding a few minutes to just sit and relax.

Sometimes we just need someone to say -just go do it! Stay in control!

Stay Well!


  1. Hi! Thanks for following my blog! I can't wait to learn more about your story. All of these points are great. I do keep a journal of what I eat (although I do slip up some days). It's definitely important to take a few minutes each week (I'd prefer, each day, if that were possible) to just relax and reflect on the positive things.
    Have a great day!


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