Running with the dog=a great workout

So I decided to take our new dog for a jog today. She is full of energy all the time and never seems to get tired of playing and running and retrieving things.

Because we live in a fairly hot environment I prepared myself with water bottles, a dog travel bowl, and of course, the leash. We set out for our first run and for the first mile I felt like was being pulled. This dog wanted to take off running and if we were living near an open field I would let her go. Instead I was forced to run faster and use my upper body muscles to restrain her from taking my arm out of the socket.

Somewhere along the way we spotted an iguana which she through she had to fetch for me. Again, another jolt to my right arm. Thankfully, this is a yellow Lab with excellent training and listening skills. I told her to stop, sit and wait and she did. "Good Dog!! here's a treat for not ripping my arm out!!" I'm glad I'm still working on the hundred pushup challenge or I might not be able to hold her back. That might be an issue for the iguanas.

On the way back we ran and then she ran out of steam and it became a nice comfortable jog. I think the lesson here is to play hard in the back yard before going for a run. Bringing water was a great idea as well. Running in 85 degree temperature with a wind chill factor of... well, 85, makes staying hydrated very important. Don't worry, Honey was born and raised here so she's accustomed to these extreme temperatures. We drink plenty of water throughout the day, before, during and after any outdoor activities. Honey's favorite after exercise activity is getting splashed by the hose!

All in all it was a great fitness day for all!!


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