Super Workout in under an hour

Today in class we did a super workout in under an hour -- 43 minutes to be exact but if you're working out alone this could take less time. Use fast paced music to keep you motivated. Have a towel and water available and if you don't have the equipment mentioned here, do it on the floor and improvise, but don't skip a thing!!

So here's what we did for cardio:

1- jog w/ high knees

2-jacks to the four walls (8 count then turn right until you go all the way around) then plyo jacks to the front only (touch the floor and jump up-explosive)

3-football drills to the four walls

4-like in turbo kick- jab right high/low 8 counts then zig-zag torso side to side 8 counts and switch to the left 4X each side

5-squat & reach then plyometric squat & jump

6 - slow knee then speed up for fast repeater knee using Abs to pull knee to the chest

7-push up slow count of 8 then four-count push ups 4X

8-shuffle right for 4 counts and add 2 plyometric jumps at one end then return to other side 8X total (four each side)

9-mountain climbers slow knee tuck 8X then fast 16X

10-flip to work triceps- like reverse push up or reverse plank

Quick recovery- drink water, dry sweat... move on to partner work if you have a partner. If not, just switch on your own - do each for about 30 seconds.

Partners work- this was focused on muscles but heart rate still up - interval training.

1- partner1 wall squat w/chest squeeze using medice ball; partner2 burpees

2-p1 triple squat on bosu; p2 upright row/military press

3-p1 lunge off bosu with bicep curl; p2 jacks/push ups

4-p1 squat jump over bosu; p2 push up with side plank

5-p1 squat kick; p2 plank hold

Abs - criss cross or bicycle, single leg & double leg stretch, crunches, flip for a plank hold of 30 seconds. DONE!!

Stretch every muscle, drink lots of water and you are set for the day!!

Have fun! We did :-)


  1. un verdadero placer echar un vistazo a tu blog
    saludos desde Reus Catalunya

  2. Great workout ideas! Thanks for sharing. :)


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