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Often, many of my friends say that I have enough energy to power the base and "where do you get all that energy from?" they ask. Well, believe it or not, more often then not, I would like to just sit on a back porch swing (that I don't have) and just chill. I visualize myself watching a really good movie or TV show without interruptions. I even see myself taking mid-afternoon naps (HA!). But that doesn't happen, ever! I do get a little frustrated sometimes when I really want a break and I can't seem to get it until 10 pm when everyone is already in bed and I should be as well. But such is the life of a busy mommy of four.

In my mind I already know that inactivity is not an option I should consider. So I to stay busy and active. The minute I sit to enjoy TV or to read I start to fall asleep and that's just aggravating. Since the move and because of the move to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba I gained a few pounds, loss some muscle mass, and my cardiovascular endurance was way off the charts-- ok not that bad but it wasn't where I left it back in December, just before the move.

Since I arrived on island I've been introduced to walking JPJ as in John Paul Jones road; basically a very steep road up to the windmills -- it is treacherous but such a great workout. I walk a lot because everything is close by and I have a dog who needs/loves walking/pulling my arm out of my socket, and biking. I started teaching a Boot Camp class 2 days a week and spinning 3 days a week - so I think I have all my bases covered when it comes to exercise.

Recently I was approached by Marcella who invited me to join the soccer team. I was immediately intimidated. I'm not a runner, that's been established and I've never played, not even for fun. She said in her Dominica accent, "it's OK we have lots of new people, it's just for fun but we do compete against other teams on base." I didn't know we had enough people on base to have teams. Well, OK then, I'll do anything if fun is a part if it. Not only will I be playing and having a great time but I will continue to be a great role mode for my kids AND they said my oldest daughter can join the team as well. Icing on the cake!!

When I go out and play like a kid and they get a kick out of it even if they wont admit it right now (I'm sure I embarrass my teen which is OK, she just doesn't realize we're so much alike hee-hee!). Someday they'll be the ones bragging "... when my mom was playing soccer..." I am so not ready but I went to practice last night and found that we have a great, fun, energetic team of women who really play to win but have fun at the same time. I can't wait to play my first game on Friday.

As a result of my playing, my younger daughter wants to play as well, however we don't have a team so I think I'll be starting something for the kids who want to play "for fun" and practice real soon. This really should be a year-round sport where we spend the off-season time just playing to have a great time and to keep kids active and out of the house. We don't need a season for that right?

So go out there and play. Find yourself an adult sport to join. You'd be surprised at what you can do and your kids just might want to be as active as you. If you can't find a team, league, group-- make your own. Invite your friends to play whatever --volleyball, soccer, baseball, football (that's not just for guys), basketball, tennis. Look at the winter sports and water sports too. So much can be done to make staying physically active and fit enjoyable.

I would like to know, what physical activities do you do that are outside of the norm? Right now for me is Soccer.


  1. I love that you stepped out of your comfort zone-and look at the results, your children are getting involved too!

    Besides the typical things like biking and swimming, in the warm weather my husband and I like to spend an afternoon canoeing. It is a good upper body workout, we get to spend time together and the scenery is beautiful too.

  2. Hi Terie! Had to laugh - I just LIVE to embarrass my grown kids and see them role their eyes. I think the most abnormal thing I've done lately is tap dancing in the basement. Got some tap shoes and I'll put on Riverdance and pretend I know what I'm doing. What a cardio workout! (I do this alone, mind you! Nobody has seen this yet! ha)


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