"You're lucky I'm here!"

This will probably sound like a bit of rant on my part but I have to write or I will explode.  By now just about anyone who knows me is aware of the fact that I love teaching my indoor cycling and boot camp classes as well as helping people reach their potential in physical fitness.  I get up at 5 am Monday to Friday to do this because I love it.  It's my job, but really, I can't call it a job, it's too much fun to be work.

There are days when getting up is more of a challenge but I know that there are people expecting to be motivated, pushed, guided and complimented on their physical fitness progress.  Feels good and that's what I bring to them.  On days when my mood is off by a few hormones I begin by listening to uplifting, fun music before I even get there and hopefully my spirits will lift and all will be well or I'll just fake it because it's not about me.

Today there were a few women in class who shared the mood and demonstrated their distaste for anything active throughout the entire class.  I approached them and tried to guide them to ensure they were performing what little they were doing, properly and maintaining adequate form. I felt like I was showing my daughter how to do the dishes and she was doing them wrong hoping I would just give up on her.  Except these are professionals in the military and pouting is so unbecoming.  Exercise is an issue for them on good days, then why go to the gym when you're feeling crappy? Oh I know, to make sure everyone knows you're having a bad week and maybe we should feel pity.

Well, everyone comes to class expecting to be motivated and a lot of the motivation comes from other members of the class.  If two people are pouting, whining, and not performing then it's likely that the others will follow (or push them out of the way), therefore it is counterproductive to go to a class you know is demanding and act like a five year old about to throw a tantrum.  I don't force anyone to come to class. I don't call you or your boss if you don't show up.  You, as an individual, are the only person responsible for taking that first step but if you don't feel well then stay home and rest, let your body recover and try again another day.

The point of my title is to say that one of the ladies insisted she could not do knee repeaters on the floor for 30 seconds and I said "of course you can, here lets do them together!" To which she replied, "NO I CANT! (yes, she shouted), my ovaries are on fire, you're lucky I'm even here!"  Really? No, I'm not. While I enjoyed having a lot of people in my class and really love seeing my regulars, the presence of one particular individual over another has no bearing on what I am there to do, which is to help you, guide you, and motivate you, but obviously that was not going to happen with this lady.

I think everyone should take note of their own attitudes when they know they will be in a social situation.  No one benefits from you being there doing partial workouts, doing the exercises wrong, acting grumpy, whining, and complaining.  If your mood is one that can only contaminate then please, stay home, rest, meditate, pray, whatever you need to do to help lift your mood before you have to face society.

I am lucky that I have an optimistic outlook on life and once I write or discuss an issue that bothers me I pretty much just let it go because my goal is to not let others dictate my mood or quality of my day.

Stay Well,


  1. Hi Terie! Oh those members of the "I CAN'T" club can drive ya nuts, can't they? I'm not a member - doesn't sound like you are either! I read a long time ago that can't really means won't. It cleared up a lot of my thinking but I confess I still have a bit of impatience with people who use that word a lot.


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