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Let me be completely honest here... it is hard getting back to the gym after a vacation! Plain and simple truth.  Ideally we want to exercise on vacation.  We even look up nearby facilities, attempt to use nature as form of exercise and even plan to eat well. We know we don't work nearly as hard at any of this while we're vacationing... ok maybe it's just me, but if you're with me and agree, tell me about it.

In February of 2010, after moving to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba I started working at the gym teaching five classes a week.  Spinning(r) and one I named "TBC" or Total Body Conditioning.  Later my regulars called it "Terie's Boot Camp," how appropriate.  The classes became intense, sometimes, insanely difficult but each time we knew we were getting stronger, faster and our endurance had more than doubled from when we started.  Then school let out and everyone started planning vacations "off island."  As we planned we discussed all the things we were going to eat because we don't have those available here and each time we followed that with "I will exercise so I don't lose all that I've accomplished." Good intentions. Did you follow through? Did you really work as hard and eat as healthy as you planned?

I walked on the wet sand and felt it the next day, on two separate occasions we did a mini beach bootcamp. It was fun but not nearly as hard as if I was leading a class.  We rode tandem bikes on the boardwalk for an hour.  OK that was a challenge, it was a workout.  Other than that I battled the waves once or twice and the rest of the time we spent walking in the mall, on the boardwalk, on the beach or to and from the beach, etc.  Seeing the family was awesome, seeing Josh, our first born now in college was amazing. Our vacation was truly great and I loved seeing my friends as well.  With all the people seeing that was going on there seem to be a lot of food involved and mostly food I don't see on a regular basis or better yet, food I don't have to prepare--yeepee!!

So I was active but no real TBC or Spin workout to speak of and more food than usual....ahem and more wine, which translates into some endurance and strength loss.  Five months to trim the fat, get faster, go further and in 10 days you feel like you're starting all over again...ugh, that stinks!!

I decided to jump into my classes the day after we arrived on island.  Yes I thought I was crazy too, but there's no point in postponing the inevitable.  If I wasn't teaching I would still be in that class because I need to get back what I lost.  Spinning(r) was a little difficult, TBC was hard but I made it through and now I know exactly where I am and what I need to do to make improvements.  I am also teaching two additional classes in the evenings for the next two weeks so that should really give me a boost or knock me down for good :-)

We're back to eating healthy meals, drinking lots of water, getting plenty of sleep/rest, and of course, getting in shape with all our physical activities.  Can't wait to finish my Dive certification this weekend and hopefully, going Kayaking early Sunday morning.

There's a moral to this story, I promise.  When you go on vacation plan to eat well and get in some exercise because if you don't plan chances are you will do absolutely nothing and eating healthy will go right out the window, you know, until after vacation. So plan and if you do at least half of that then you're in better shape than not doing anything at all.  Planning establishes accountability and that alone will motivate you to try harder to move and eat healthier while you're away.  After the vacation jump in feet first. Get back in the routine, get back in the gym and the healthy lifestyle you had before.  Don't let the tired days that follow a vacation keep you from what you already know works.

I'm glad to be back and excited to see my hard work deliver the same amazing results!!

Stay Well,


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