Are you a picky eater?

What I mean is, do you have a bite of this, a piece of that, and never really sit down to eat a meal?  Parents of young children, such as myself, fall under this category of picky eaters.  I am guilty of showing my toddlers how good their meal was by giving it a try myself.  I also admit to eating the crust of their sandwich, their leftover dinner, and the rest of their dessert.  You know who you are and you know you've done it as well.  We just don't like to see food go to waste.  So instead we see food go to our waist.

The truth is that those little bites add up.  You can go all day not eating one full meal and still rack up your days worth of calories and potentially more fat than if you ate with purpose.

That's right.  Eating with a purpose.

What does that mean?

Well, it means that you have a clear understanding of what you're eating, when, and why.

You know that if you eat green leafy vegetables you are consuming lots of vitamins and strengthening your immune system, if you eat fish or meat you are consuming protein and in turn feeding your muscles and organs, etc.  This goes hand in hand with exercising with a purpose.  Do you know what muscle you're working when you do push ups or dips or squats?  Well you should. Ask, search, read the labels on the machines.  Be in the know. Don't just walk in and do bicep curls without knowing that you need to do tricep extentions (opposing muscles.)

Back to picky eating.  The best thing to do here is to stop, right? Yes. That's easier said then done. Again, I KNOW!  I am one who complains about  holding on to 10 pounds of "baby weight" per kid.  I am down to five lbs per kid, but still, that's 4 kids; that's 20 pounds no one wants to carry around.  Now I know that I don't need to weigh 20 pounds less then I do now or I might look a little sick; however, some of the excess weight was not left there by my children.  I put it there well after they were born.  With the youngest being 4 years old it's hard to continue to claim that I'm still working on losing the "baby weight." Ha Ha! Real funny!  I'm working on moving out the fat and replacing it with lean muscle.  If I'm going to be 20 pounds heavier I might as well make it muscle and not fat.

Here are some tips to help break the picky eating habits:

1. Eat before feeding the kids.  You will be satisfied and less likely to give their meal a test drive.

2. Don't eat the crust...or anything else the kids leave behind. Ewww! Kids play with their food, feed it to the pets and then put it back in the plate, who knows what else they do with their food.  My point here is that no matter how much you love your little dust bunny or how much you hate to waste food, don't eat the kids' leftover food.  Toss it or save it for THEM to eat later.

3. Snack on fruits and veggies in between meals and during meal preparation, this will help you avoid tasting your dinner before its done.

4.  Drink water.  Water helps to quench the thirst you don't even know you have.  Sometimes we eat thinking we're hungry when we're just thirsty so try water before anything else.

There are many other ways to avoid being a picky eater. Share what you know!

Stay Well,


  1. I eat the crust of their pizza. Mmmmm... Yum! Hahahaha! Yeah, I am SO here sometimes! You're right, of course, about eating with a purpose. Makes good sense ;)


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