Commit to change

Commit to change.

Sounds so permanent, so written in stone. Why is it so hard to make a commitment that will help you live a better life?  Why is commitment such a negative word when it comes to our health?

In my opinion we have fears of failure before we even begin any health and wellness program. We already know it wont work but we're hopeful; we have hope to see results fast and furious; we expect the changes will happen overnight and with little effort on our part.  We have great intentions but our intentions alone can't possibly make anything happen.  We have to commit to make the changes and follow through.

OK now some important things to remember as you take on this journey:

1.  This is a journey for life not a temporary fix. Remember that!

2.  Goals.  Set some attainable goals and I don't mean your best friend's wedding or bathing suit season.  I mean lowering your BMI; running, swimming or walking further or faster; losing and then maintaining weight; becoming stronger, doing more push ups, sleeping better... whatever your goal it should be one that benefits YOU.

3.  Step off the scale.  It's not all about the numbers on the scale.  Note how you feel, sleep, perform, and how your clothes feel.  Muscle takes less space but weights more than fat so while you may not see changes on the scale, you might see and feel an overall sense of well-being.

4.  Baby steps.  Don't lunge into a complete overhaul.  Change your diet, your grocery list, each meal but do so a little at a time.  Start with your worst meal or snack and change only that one thing.  When you are comfortable with that change move on to the next.  You are more likely to stick with your new way of life if you enjoy what you're doing and eating.

5.  Avoid fad diets.  If it sounds too good to be true then IT IS!! You did not become unhealthy overnight and you will NOT become healthy overnight either.  Biggest Loser shows are just that, a TV show.  You do not have the time to live that lifestyle indefinitely, nor is it healthy.  Notice the shows end and people have to go back to live a normal lifestyle which is why most people gain back much of the weight they lose on the show.

6. Approach health and wellness as a way of life and not some nuisance you have to do for a short while to reach a goal.  This is truly a lifestyle change and you have to commit to change the way you live now.

Are you ready to commit to change?

Stay Well


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