Let's be honest...about fitness and nutrition

Have you ever uttered the words "this diet isn't working" or "I exercise but it's not working?"

I have.

Long, long ago, like last week as a matter of fact. No seriously, it was last week when I accidentally stepped on my bathroom scale and found out that I had gained three whole pounds.  Now I know that's not a lot, but it is when it is so hard to lose three pounds to begin with.  I am a fitness instructor, I teach several classes a week, I run, I'm active with the kids, I don't buy junk food (well, rarely), what gives.

OK let's be honest here.  How many of you really think that physical activity should take care of the problem without changing your eating habits?  Sounds like an infomercial doesn't it?  You know, "do this for 8 minutes, three times a week, don't change your diet or anything else, you will see yourself transformed into a chiseled, leaner person... blah, blah, blah..." really?  Don't believe anything they say, they just want to sell their crap.

Skipping meals because we're busy leads to eating poorly when the hunger pangs really hit.  Nope, it's definitely not thirst this time, it's huger and we'll eat just about anything... like a full bag of Stacy's Salted Pita Chips-YUM! Yes that's me, over indulging only to feel crappy later.  I know better and that's why I wont buy those things unless I'm having a party or willing to deal with the effect of over indulging in unhealthy food.

The best way to really see what we're doing or in my case, not doing about living a healthy lifestyle, is to write things down.  Journaling our progress helps us to stay true to ourselves and gets us back on track.  That goes with anything, any goal.  By writing down what I eat and how much I exercise I get a good idea of what I need to change to see change.  Some weeks I'm ready and some I'm not but I continue to work towards one goal-- living a healthy lifestyle, every day!

What I have noticed is that when I write down my activities and foods, even if only for a few days, I make changes before things get too ugly.  Journaling has helped me really see when I should be eating more protein, more fruit and veggies, and when I've skipped on my exercise routine.  It has helped me stay motivated and stay in the game.  Try it!  Your thoughts and comments are always welcome!

Stay Well,

Image source:  slimbook.co.za


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