Running my first 1/2

All this running around the base has got me itching for more.  Recently I've been finishing the 10 miles and feeling like I could just keep on running.  It really is a good feeling.  I never thought I'd say that.  IT'S A GOOD FEELING to finish!

We, my running partners and I, decided to try running a half marathon here in GTMO.  The challenge is running it without too many hills or repeating the same routes.   However, we are determined to make this work and we have been hitting the pavement and gravel roads had; I think it's time to take it up a notch or two.

We have been running at least 5 miles mid-week and 9-11 miles once a week, which I believe qualifies as training.  However, for the novice runner like me, I am going to engage in something a little more specific.  In my search for training advice I came across an app (application) from, which I downloaded to my iPad.  I put in a few details in the settings and after a few seconds the app came back with a training program that fits my schedule and does not take away what I already do, strength training/Spinning(r), etc.

In the past I only spoke of running in terms of me not being the one running, most definitely not running any distance to be proud of.  I insisted I could never run far or fast, a marathon wasn't even on my list of things I ever wanted to do.  I wasn't going to try and embarrass myself.

Here's the teachable moment:0

My two good friends, Wendy and Kristin, were convinced that I could run and the only thing keeping me from running was my own mind.  I ran a couple of 5Ks and was embarrassed to not come in with a decent time.  I stopped to walk so many times that I really didn't care to be there again.  I'm a fitness instructor, I should be able to do this but I kept telling myself I could not, never.

My friends, however thought differently.  We went for a run, supposedly a 6 mile run.  Up hills we walked but ran most of the way THERE... upon arrival I realized I had just ran four miles.  I also realized I needed to come back another four.  I have been tricked and I was sort of excited about it.  A little scared but excited.  At the end of this run, right back where we started, my GPS unit said that I just ran 8.28 miles.  WOW! I was filled with joy.  I don't think my friends realize, still today, how happy I was to have finished this run. I was hooked.  We have been running just about every weekend up to eleven miles and another 5 mid-week.  Impressive.  YES!!

The moral of the story is this:  Surround yourself with people who believe in you and in what you are capable of doing and you will accomplish more then you ever imagined.  Spending time around negative people just brings you down; like an anchor, holds you down until you drown.  It's not rude to step away from those who keep you down; politely step away and wisely choose the company you keep.  Constructive criticism is good, negative feedback is not acceptable.

I'm willing to bet that if I continue to spend my time with these ladies and others like them I will be running that  marathon.  That's right.  I'm setting my sights on completing a marathon.  But for now I will continue working on this 1/2 while keeping my eyes on the ultimate goal.

Stay tuned!

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