Staying motivated is not easy

No. It's not easy to stay motivated. It's not easy to stay on track. It's not easy to do a lot of things that we know are good for us.  It is because of the everyday "easy" that we find ourselves in situations difficult to resolve.  We eat fast food because it's easy; we buy coffee at the coffee house because it's easy; we sit instead of exercising because it's easy.  Easy is truly over rated.  Easy is not good for us, it never will be.

Starting a health and wellness program or an exercise program or even a diet program IS easy, the hard part is sticking with it, staying motivated and keeping your eyes on the goal.  The challenges begin with your goals.  If your only goal is to lose weight then you are setting yourself up to fail.  Say you start a program and you lose weight, then what do you do? What's next?

Try this goal for a change:  To become healthier and live a healthier lifestyle!

This goal has nothing to do with losing weight or inches and everything to do with living happier and healthier.  It has a lot to do with learning how to eat and what to eat.  Learning how to exercise and when. Learning to listen to your body and learning to love being active.  The loss of weight and inches will be your reward as a result of your healthy lifestyle.

How do you begin to live a healthy lifestyle?

That's easy.  No really, it is...

1.  Spend a few days evaluating your current lifestyle: Journal your nutrition, exercise, sleep, water - record what you eat and drink through the day for a few days, then evaluate it for content and ask yourself Am I eating enough of all the "good for me" foods (fruit, vegetables, lean protein, complex carbs, etc)? Am I exercising enough or at all? How much sleep am I getting? Am I drinking at least 64 ounces of water each day?

2. Adjust one thing at a time:  Change only one of your meals and get comfortable with that meal then change the others, one at a time until you are able to make wise decisions about what to eat and when.  If you are not exercising begin with walking, biking or swimming then increase the resistance, duration, quality of your exercises as you progress.  If you are not drinking water begin to drink and increase by adding 8oz or water to each day until you've reached a comfortable 64 or more ounces.

3. Educate yourself: Do a little research online about food, exercises, recipes and other activities you can do that feel more like fun than every day exercise.

4. Find a support system. Surround yourself with people who really care about you and who support you in your journey.  The minute you come face to face with the negative people of the world, turn your back and walk the other way.  It's not worth your time and effort to convince them that what you're doing is right FOR YOU!

One step at a time, one change at a time, one small goal at a time. That's how you do it!

Stay Well,



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