Getting rid of the fat deposits: Spot Reduction

I truly believe that most women and some men wish they could use one product or do one thing that would help them burn off the fat in one particular area of the body.

I know I do.

If I could do one thing to really tighten my core like it was back in my 20's, believe me I would do it and I would share it.  It would be a miracle.

Many of the people I train ask, "can you help me get rid of this?" as they grab their muffin top or saddlebags.  I say, "no I can't, sorry, however, I'm sure a little plastic surgery can take care of that."  Ha ha, real funny, no really can you?

OK, well actually I can help you better understand how your body works so that you can exercise and eat to lose weight, all over.  Spot reducing really only works with plastic surgery, nothing else will reduce just that one spot on your body.

I have done some research, for my own general knowledge of course, and found that wrapping myself up in a steam bag was a crazy way to lose weight because you really only lose water; that taking pills is pointless if you don't change how you eat; that walking 20 minutes a day IS a good way to START a program NOT a very efficient way to lose weight and keep it off; that if you don't change your eating habits any results you achieve on a diet WILL be temporary.

The key to being at a healthy weight and feeling energized is not in a bottle or in a temporary diet or in a "miracle" fitness machine (As Seen on TV).  It is really simple to reach your health and fitness goals:

Eat less junk food/empty calories;
Eat more fruits, vegetables, fiber, lean protein, and water;
Exercise more often always increasing either duration or resistance or both.

This seems so simple, so easy to follow... then why are we in such a battle with food?

I know for many people, controlling what they eat is half the battle.  Sometimes peer pressure has more to do with food consumption then anything else.  But most times it has to do with what you're eating.  If you eat foods that have a low nutritional value then you will be hungry all the time because you are not feeding your body what it needs. If you don't eat regularly throughout the day your blood sugar levels drop, you feel fatigued, tired and you will eventually eat the box your meal came in.  If you drink too much sugary drinks, eat fried foods, and choose to sit instead of exercising... well, you can guess the results of this action.

You HAVE to engage in cardiovascular activities such as swimming, running, biking, kayaking, speed walking, SPINNING, Zumba(r), Step Aerobics, or any other form of activity that raises your heart rate and keeps it elevated for at least 20-30 minutes.  You pick the activity and wear a heart rate monitor if you wish to see your numbers.

You HAVE to do resistance training or weight training. Don't worry girls, you CAN'T ever look like a man by working with weights.  You truly don't have what it takes to get muscles like that.  But you do want to occupy the space under your skin with LEAN muscle mass instead of fat, so, grab those weights and work the muscles until they are fatigued, then eat to fuel your body with the nutrition it will require to help you recover.

Forget about trying to go the easy way.  Those miracle diets, pills and machines don't work unless that's all you want to do for the rest of your life.  You don't have to give up the food you like to eat, you just have to eat in moderation and exercise to burn off the excess.

Ask me anything? Stay motivated!

Stay Well!



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