Just keep moving.... keep moving

Every once in a while I feel like calling it quits.  I am just so tired of waking up early, washing gym clothes, washing and drying my hair, rushing to get ready for another workout.  Sometimes I'm just tired of being happy and being positive or motivating others. Sometimes, I'm just tired.

But I'm an optimist, a fighter, hungry for happiness and always searching for whatever will put me back in that zone of happy energy.  I challenge tired days and fight off the desire to just sit and do nothing because I realize that in the end I will not feel any better if I stop moving.

Today, as I do every day, I woke up at 5:15 am.  My body is programed to wake up at this early hour to prepare for either a class or a run.  Yes, EVERY DAY, I wake up early and I have to decide within a few minutes, if I am going to get up and get moving or stay put and maybe, sleep a little more.  Well, I can decide all I want, once I wake up, I'm up and I can lay there all I want, I am now awake.

But today was a little different.  I woke up, stayed awake but did not move from my pillow for another hour.  I didn't have  to teach anything but I knew I had to run.  Not sure if my running buddy was going I got up and got ready, just in case.  Yes a little workout buddy pressure doing it's job.

At 6:30 am I ate a little honey... it's one of those little tricks recommended by Runner's World Magazine, meant to give you a little boost in energy without adding too many calories or fluids.  It works for a short 3-4 mile run.  I ran one mile with my Lab, Honey and felt sluggish, pushing harder than usual and not really going very fast.  I turned around and went home.  I just wasn't IN the run.  I ran two miles at nine minutes per mile.  While that may sound fast for a beginner, for me it was a little on the slow side, but worse than that, it was hard and I felt like I was dragging the entire time.

Despite feeling like I didn't want to run to begin with, actually felt more like I wanted to turn back after the first 1/4 mile and like I couldn't wait to finish the two miles, I realized that getting up and moving this morning was important for several reasons - #1 maintaining the momentum of a daily routine; #2 I felt energized;  # I did something...I kept moving.

Moral of the story -- it doesn't matter when you decide to exercise, do what works for you, pick a time and just go with it.  Do it enough and your body will get you out the door for you.  It becomes sort of an addiction, a GOOD habit you'll want to keep doing.

Just keep moving... know that you could either sit out or BE IN the game.  I chose IN!

Stay Well,

Common sense disclaimer:  Don't ever ignore your body's natural signals of illness and disease.  My tiredness wasn't disease, simply laziness, didn't want to go alone, boredom. Know when you're experiencing fatigue, exhaustion, and follow doctor's instructions to help you recover and get you back in the game.


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