Time for fitness after the holidays

New Year, New You!!!

OK, well, it's not that simple.  Ha! I wish! But for the new you part you actually have to do some work.  My goal just before the holidays is to make it through the events without gaining weight.  The only way to make this work is to exercise more than usual and TRY to make good food choices.

My problem wasn't the food ... those adult beverages can be worse than most meals!

Anyway, I took some time off in December to go visit family in the states... in many states.  Driving long distance with the kids usually means eating and drinking not so healthy foods.  Sure I could have made better choices but remember, we live in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba and we don't have most of what you take for granted in the states so I gave in each and every time.

I ran twice, walked several times and drove for 10 days, at least 3 hours a day.  I put on a few pounds, nothing to cry about considering.

Now we're back on island and it's time to get back on track.  Knowing very well it would be a painful week, I hit the ground running.  My goal coming back was to do some type of activity every day for 7 days because once I'm on the road to a successful fitness routine there's no turning back.

Day 1-- Diving for one hour
Day 2--Spinning and Core work and Latin Dance Fit
Day 3--Total Body Conditioning (aka HIIT)
Day 4--Run 4 miles and Latin Dance Fit
Day 5--Total Body Conditioning
Day 6--Pilates
Day 7--Hiking the Ridgeline with the dog

Done! This is truly extreme and most of what I did I had to do because it's my job so my motivation was my desire to motivate others and lead my students on a path to healthy living.

What can you do? Starting from scratch? No problem... here are some tips to get you started:

1. Track/Journal - either use an online program such as MyFitnessPal.com (also available as an App) or use a notebook.  Write down your activity and food intake.  This is a helpful habit because you can see your strengths and weaknesses, therefore, helping you to make better choices.  It's motivating to see progress in writing.

2. Get Moving - Start exercising or increase whatever you're currently doing.  Walk further or faster, run, swim, bike, attend classes, get a buddy, share your goals with family and friends, dance... keep moving everyday and each week add resistance, time, or distance.

3.  Eat to fuel your body and not to feed your cravings.  Eating six meals a day keeps you energized and satisfied and keeps you from hitting those pesky, mid-afternoon, pitfalls.  When I say meals I don't mean 300-400 calorie meals... three meals should be your main meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner and the other three should be snacks ( fruit, yogurt, pudding, vegetables, cottage cheese, etc...)

4. Get some rest and recover.  Your body and mind need rest.  Sleep well, sleep in, and allow your body time to recover.

5.  Stay hydrated.  I know juice, coffee, tea all contain water but you should just drink water and avoid the excess calories added with flavored drinks.  Just drink water.

I hope these come in handy but if you have other questions or suggestions, please leave a comment below.

Stay Well,


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