Chilling out and enjoying a lazy Sunday afternoon

I've been looking for one of these days for a long time now.  I love to lay on my hammock and recharge.  On this lovely, Sunday afternoon I found my time. Everyone was busy doing something else inside the house, at the park, around town.  I took advantage, left the dishes and laundry to fend for themselves and took in the breeze and the rays.

I work hard all week long. I deserve this time but somehow I manage to put everything else before my needs.  Time to make some changes.  Life is too short to waste it doing dishes.  After teaching five classes, running 6-10 miles, and working 30+ hours interpreting, social working, talking I am way overdue for a little break.  Don't get me wrong.  I enjoy every bit of everything I do, my body, however does not agree with the constant running.  Even if it did... why not take a break, it's called, RECOVERY!

In an effort to help my body perform to the max in the upcoming week I need to allow for recovery time.  This is time well spent recharging, rebuilding, and reenergizing.  I think I have a date with my new hammock not just on Sundays but maybe I can steal a few minutes every day.  Is that too ambitious? I guess I'll find out...  Go chill out!

Stay well,



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