My new gym

After leaving Guantanamo Bay, Cuba I knew I would go back to work teaching fitness somewhere, I just didn't realize it was going to take this long.  WOW.  I first started to NOT exercise after moving and spending more time house hunting than doing anything truly physically active. If I could burn off a few pounds with my mental and emotional activity I would be in great shape.

I spent three weeks so far below my normal level of energy that eventually I started to feel the weight on my shoulders or maybe it was my belly...hmmm I have to look into that, but anyway, it was too long and at my young age, I can't afford to gain weight over night because it takes a lot longer to get it off.

My only activity had been walking the dog morning and night. It was a 45-60 minute walk up hills and down streams but still not where I was.  Then I graduated and got myself this new, world friendly, green gym.  Check it out...

This is actually an uphill track. It's where I work my behind, legs and Oh My Gosh my thighs.  I don't Love it! I love it! well it's tough and it hurts to RUN up hill but I do it..most of the time.

This is my flat, paved trail where I catch my breath after the uphill run. Here I do sprints, lunges, bunny hops, squats and more nice, easy runs.

This jungle gym is excellent for upper body and core strength. There ain't nottin' I can't do here!! Ha ha! So push ups, pull ups, inclined push ups, raised leg crunches, plank.. the list goes on. It did not cost me a dime to get this baby installed. 

My point. We usually have all that we need to stay in shape, the only thing missing is MOTIVATION! And once I found mine, once again I opened my eyes and there it was. My new Gym!!

Go out and find yours and then share your routines, maybe I can steal some other ideas :-)

Stay Well



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