No Pain! No Gain! Right?!?

Right! That is what I learned when I joined the U.S. Marines and went to Bootcamp. My Drill Instructors (DIs) had no problem reminding us ME (because it was all about me) that they really didn't care that "it hurt" there was no stopping.  Mind you, they were not actively participating, their job was to yell and remind us what losers we were for even considering stopping.  I remember during a run saying "I can't breath" and her response was, "if you can't breath you shouldn't be talking" -- can I just tell you how fast that shut me up?

I have Staff Sergeant Halsey to thank for my pain. She was the meanest person I ever met, at the time.  Little did I know, she was training me to be the best of the best.  Anyway, to her I was just part of the dirt I was eating when I was face to the ground doing mountain climbers.


So, I taught my first Bootcamp class last Saturday. I wasn't sure who would be crazy enough to show up on a Saturday Morning but alas, six people came to class and we decided to go with Tabata training instead.  It went really well and I hope those numbers will increase as word gets out. I worked as hard as I always do because I can't let them see me weeping just because I'm in pain...ha ha!!

My issue is the level of soreness I felt 24 hours later. OMG as my teen daughter likes to say, I was, still am hurting. See, this is what happens when you stop exercising.  I've been running, walking, and engaging in some activity, but nothing like what was going on in GTMO.  So much so that I've gained a few pounds in the process, and by a few I mean more than five! UGH!!  Oh yes my eating habits are definitely not the best, yet...working on that, but what really affected me was my exercise routine and more than that, stress.

Now that I'm home, I'm starting to work/teach, have committed myself to doing a 1/2 marathon in February, I sort of have to get it together.  I am one who pushes others to get up and go and not wait until "Monday" to start anything so I will live by my own words.  I did, however, have to give myself time to be mentally prepared, time to unpack, get the kids settled, get into a routine, etc.  I feel I'm there now.

Since running outdoors between 3:00 and 6:00 AM is not an option, mainly because I don't feel comfortable being out there all alone, running through a park or empty lots, while my family sleeps. Freaks me out.... anyway, it's not an option. But since I'm up so early I might as well go to the gym at 5:00 am and do something there, I'll add that to my routine, maybe twice a week,  I will become a regular at my new gym.

As for the soreness, well, I'm still in some pain and I welcome the pain because it reminds me of what I've accomplish and what I need to continue doing to get and stay in shape.  That's right, no pain, no gain!

Have you fallen off your workout and nutrition wagon? What are you going to do to get back on it?

Hint:  Set attainable goals, journal everything, be accountable, just go--do something!

Stay Well,



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