Nutrition - start the morning with fuel

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This week I'm focusing on the most important meal of the day; breakfast.  The name says it all--to break the fast.  So why are so many people skipping breakfast?  I know of at least two reasons, lack of time and to loose weight. 
For some odd reason we seem to find time to give to everyone else but ourselves.  Aside from a fire or medical emergency, what can possibly keep you from eating something before leaving your house in the morning?  If you're running late consider a portable breakfast such as a fruit, protein bar, etc. If time is an issue I recommend getting up a little bit earlier and make time to eat. 
As for those of you who think that starving your body equals weight loss, think again.  You are starving your body which in turn slows your metabolism and in the end you gain weight, yes, you gain.  Your body will know when starvation mode kicks in and it will hold on to every ounce of water, fat and calories you put into it. It's called self preservation!
Tom at  Free Fitness Tips has a series on boosting metabolism in which he shares this: "Just as eating large meals can hurt your metabolism, eating too few meals can have the same effect. To keep your metabolism high you need to feed it."  I agree with Tom and all other fitness and nutrition experts out there.  Does your car run better with less fuel?  Do you think eventually it will stop running?  Your body needs fuel and the fuel comes from nutritious foods.
An article at Ripped Corner has 7 great tips for a better breakfast.  Simply stated, balance your breakfast so that your early morning fuel is the best it can be to take you through the rest of the morning without feeling like you could eat a horse or your babie's PB&J.
Eat well, Stay well!


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