Exercising: It's all in your mind

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I am having the hardest time getting up and going today.  I know I need to run because my 1/2 marathon is only a few weeks away, but I woke up feeling too tired to do anything.  To make matters worse, my mind was in complete control and telling my body all sorts of negative things like "Take a break" and "doesn't your foot still hurt?" and my body is responding with "I did take a break, all day Sunday and part of Saturday and no my foot feels fine!"

Trying to get back into a routine is sometimes such a daunting task.  UGH!!!

I sat down to look for motivating reminders that will get me out the door this morning.  First, I wrote down my own --

I can think better while running

I will feel better after the run, no matter how long or short

Running will help me get back into my weekly routine

It's really not that cold out, I've done this before

After all the superbowl food and drinks, I NEED this run

Then I searched the web.  In my search I found this article which gave me a huge boost. Basically it states that the mind is the boss and has the ability to control what the body does and does not do.  When we train for a run, more than the body, we are training the mind to deal with the stress of running long, slow, fast, up hill and down, etc.  Read the entire article here:  http://www.runnersworld.com/race-training/mind-over-matter?page=single

So bottom line here is that while I may feel tired, it doesn't help that my mind keeps telling me I am when really, I'm not.  Just feeling a little sluggish. I've been here before.

So while my mind battles with my body about whether or not to run today, I will go for a run and see who wins at this game.

My tips for overcoming these early morning battles are:

-Prepare your gear the night before (clothing, shoes, chaffing stick, iPod charged, etc) whatever you need for whatever exercises you plan to do the next day, get it ready and get dressed upon waking so you're ready to go at a moments notice

-Go to bed knowing that you ARE going to get your workout in - run, walk, swim, bike, a class at the gym, etc. Prepared your mind for what to expect the next day.

-Once you complete your morning tasks (kids on the bus, a small meal or drink) GO...just go. Don't think about the dishes, the laundry, the bills, go because it's likely you will only be gone about an hour and all that stuff will still be there waiting for you, except now you will have more energy and feel great.

I'm off to run in the cold. It will be refreshing and seeing the sun once again will brighten my day.

Stay Well,



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