My first official half marathon


I set my first official record in a half marathon on February 24 2012 at the Disney Princess Half Marathon event in Orlando.

Was I excited? Nervous? Ready?

Well. Yes. I was. 

I have been training for this run since October 2012 and every time I went out for a run all I could think about was "How in the world am I ever going to finish 13.1 miles if I could barely do three, five, six?"  Wait... did you notice.  The numbers were going up over time.  But it's been cold, my ankle was bothering me, and training was not what it should have been for a first timer on the official track. Still, this one goal kept me on track with training despite the weather and the dreaded treadmill.  I do not like running on a treadmill. It's boring, monotonous, and just never seems excite me. But there were days I really had no choice.

I was worried about the change in temperature, getting up too early, being too tired, needing to pee along the way, but not once was I worried about finishing because that was my finish... 

 ... and I did.  I was close to tears when they put the medal around my neck. I finished this run but better than that, I set a goal I did not expect I would.  I ran the race in 2:23 and that was pretty amazing and exciting for me.  

The course was through the park and it was beautiful. The characters were out at every turn, there was music, entertainment, school bands, school choirs, entertainers and best of all lots and lots of people cheering us along.  I would recommend this run to anyone looking for something fun and different.

This run took persistence, motivation, and most important, the support of my family and friends.

Next.... I am signing up a for a few other run in the next few months.  Now I'm addicted to that feeling of accomplishment.  And for anyone out there who thinks they could never do it...I just started seriously running 3 years ago.  My longest race was 15 miles about 18 months ago.  I ran in high school, I ran in the military, but never because I wanted to or had a goal. I was running out of duty to others.  
This new passion is simply for me...

Go Run!

Stay well

Princess Terie


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