Friday, July 26, 2013

Get Motivated!

The hardest thing about getting to the gym or exercising in any form is motivation.  We come up with every excuse in the book and every single one of them is justifiable.  I often hear myself saying, "I’m on a roll with my chores, now I need to finish."  Finish? Really?  Who am I kidding, there's no such animal.  We are never done decluttering, organizing or cleaning something in the house or the car (until recently, we had so many articles of clothing, books, water bottles and snack wrappers in the car, we could live in it for a season.)
Having kids home over the summer doesn't help or worse yet if your kids are too young to leave alone.  It's so easy to say "I think I'll just stay home so I can get him on a schedule," or "he needs his nap, he had a bad night."  HE had a bad night?!  Seriously? He wasn't alone during this period of discomfort. I was up with him from 2:00 am until...well, he's still up and it's now 8:30 am.  I think most moms would agree with me if I decide to just stay home today. 
But I digressed, that was a conversation I had with myself about 6 years ago.  I still have sleepless nights but I can't blame them on my boy. Usually a case of having one too many cups of coffee, a late evening workout, or some other unknown or unidentifiable reason.
However, I know many of you can identify with this or a similar scenario.  NOT happening! You are getting a workout in somehow. Hire the neighbor's kid to come and stay with you or go with you to the park for an hour. Go super early or late when there's someone around to watch the kids.  AND if a kid is not the issue, then there's no real excuse for which I can't find a solution.  
Think about the adrenaline rush that will help you through the next workout. I'm not saying go out and run a 1/2 marathon tomorrow but there's nothing wrong with having that or some other goal to work towards.  But you have to make your goals achievable.  If you are barely walking 1/2 mile maybe training for a 1/2 marathon next month is a bit high but how about training to run a 5K in 8-10 weeks? Why Not???
What motivates me?  Well, a few things help me stay focused regardless of how tired I am or what chores need to get done:
1.  I have an appointment set everyday at about the same time (30-60 minutes).  This is my exercise time, at the gym, on the road or at home.
2.  I will be in a better mood, have more patience, and more energy.  All of this will make me a better mommy :-)
4. I will make better food choices throughout the day, which will make me feel better about myself.
5. I will sleep better tonight.
6. I will have more energy to deal any challenge and believe me, there are plenty. Did I mention the kids? 
7. I refuse to be sick! Excising keeps my body healthy, fight off colds, clear my lungs, clear my head.
8. My goals.  I have some goals that may or may not have dates attached to them. I plan on running other races, not sure when but because I know this I have to make sure I run on a regular basis because I don't want to start from scratch with a training program. Being a role model at home and at work with my kids and my clients keeps me motivated because I have to practice what I preach.
9. Just being healthy. Physically, spiritually, mentally's better than drugs.

These are all contributing factors to my decision to stay active.  I can’t rely on others to motivate me and neither should you.  I have to motivate myself. YOU HAVE to get out there and exercise for YOU and no one else.
Tell me, what motivates you?
Get inspired to treat yourself well!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A bug bite...ouch!

I woke up the other day with what I figured must have been a spider bite.  I don't know what type of spider but since I was breathing and moving around and in no significant pain I decided it must not have been one of those deadly ones like the black widow or brown recluse.

I don't know spiders and I really don't know the damage they can cause even if they don't kill you or force you to lose an arm or a leg, but never in my life have I ever felt so much itch and pain all at the same time. All in one small area of my right arm.

Day 2 after the bites

Day 5 after the bites
I went to the doctor when I realized that my home treatments were not helping and this thing was just getting bigger... on the bright side, my bicep looks pretty darn good this big, NOT!!  I was given Prednisone, Benadry, Antibiotics, Tylenol, topical stuff, AND was asked to not drink any alcoholic beverages. THAT is just wrong.  All I want is my one glass of red one, is that so much to ask. It might help, maybe? NO? Grrrr! Fine.

This is day two of the treatment and the pain and itch are still there but the swelling has gone down quite a bit.

Now my issue was with what I do for a living...Fitness Instructor. Yeah I can't exactly NOT work, you know, kids in college, kids at home, pets, house projects... ME Time. It all costs money so I have to work. This is my absolute favorite job. I love my job. It's not even a job because I have way too much fun and the benefits are amazing.  So I went to class and each time explained to my clients/students what happened so they wouldn't be concerned about my health or theirs.  They all offered their advice, suggestions, and personal bug bite stories.  See, this is another reason why I love my job, people helping people. Anyway, I found out that teaching while taking all these meds was probably not such a great idea, I felt light headed, tired and dehydrated. Still no excuses.

So what I did was to figure out what or how I was feeling during my physical activity and then figure out how to fix it.  First, I drank more water, Gatorade, and other fluids to maintain my electrolytes; secondly I ate really healthy--more than usual, more protein, complex carbs, lots of fruits and salads; finally, I went to bed earlier and rested when I could.  Eating in between classes was particularly important this week.  I also took it easy in my classes. No one ever said I had to do EVERYTHING with the same level of intensity so I just took it down a notch or two and felt fine.

But let me tell you what I did not feel while I was exercising... pain or itchy! WHAT?!?!? how is that possible and why? Well, the truth is I don't know exactly. I supposed I can ask my friends in the medical field and then I can shed some light on this issue. I kind of know but would rather get the exact reason behind this phenomenon. Does this mean that if I get itchy or feel pain I should go for a run or SPIN or exercises in some form at home? I think not but it just goes to show how awesome physical fitness is for your body and how great you feel when you exercise.

I'm still waiting for maximum relief from the bites, but it is nice to know that during my classes I will feel no pain and I will not feel itchy and I will continue to enjoy my awesome job, training you and helping you reach your fitness goals.

Watch out for the bugs and stay hydrated during these hot summer months! Oh how I wish I had a pool :-)

Stay Well,