Improve your attitude and Improve your workouts

It amazes me and sometimes frustrates me to see my clients saying "I can't do it" while they're doing it.

Allow me to clarify.

On average, I teach 12 classes a week. A combination of bootcamp, Spinning(r), Tabata, senior strength and flexibility and Strength.  I EXPECT to have a few new clients in each class and I EXPECT they will feel unsure and question whether they can do these activities.  I generally help them find modification and eventually every person is able to do the exercise or a variation which will target the intended muscle group.

My frustration is when clients have been working on their fitness for a period of time, ARE doing the exercises and continue to say "I can't do this," "I'm not sure I can do that," etc.  I get it. Some things look extremely challenging but the more you say I can't the least likely you are to actually performing.

I want my clients to know and understand that a huge part of their performance depends on their attitude.  I have experienced all these negative feelings and can attest to the fact that my workouts suffer when I go into the gym thinking about my lack of sleep, my cold, how hard something is, and telling myself before I even start working, "I don't think I can."

Let's work on changing how we approach something we have already committed to doing because we know it is the best way to get and stay health and strong.

1.  Be ready.  Pack your gym bag, fill your water bottle, and have all your clothes ready to go.  Avoid the frustration trying to find your gear last minute.

2.  EAT!  Why are we skipping meals? Eat something, it doesn't have to be much, just enough to give your body fuel to work, i.e. peanut butter, toast, coffee, oatmeal, protein shake, healthy protein bar, etc.

3. Get your mind ready.  While you're eating and getting your gear on begin to self motivate with positive words or phrases.  Write some down and stick them on your microwave, fridge, bathroom mirror, steering wheel, etc... "I will work hard today" "I will do my best" "It's going to be great" "I love the way I feel after a good workout" -- your choice. But work on banishing negativity out of your head.

4.  Finally, if you are truly fatigued, did not sleep well, feeling like your body NEEDS a break, feeling sick (influenza or other serious and communicable condition) then by all means, stay in bed. Rest. Get better so that you can perform at your max once you have recovered. No one will judge you for listening to your body.

Get motivated to stay on track with your health and wellness.

Stay well,



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