Knee issues and training

I can't begin to tell you how annoying it is to have any type of injury because almost all of them require rest and long term treatment to help them heal and the more you do the more it hurts and the worse it becomes.

Since my last 1/2 Marathon, May 2013 Marine Corps 1/2 which I ran with some pain in my left knee, I have been in physical therapy, massage therapy, at home whatever they tell me to do therapy and now recently don't do anything therapy, ugh.  It's frustrating because the weather is perfect for early morning runs.  I want to go so bad. But I can't.

My understanding is I have Patellar Tendinitis:
Patellar tendinitis is a common overuse injury. It occurs when you place repeated stress on your patellar tendon. The stress results in tiny tears in the tendon, which your body attempts to repair. But as the tears in the tendon become more numerous, they cause pain from inflammation and a weakening of the tendon structure. When this tendon damage persists over more than a few weeks, it is called tendinopathy. (source: Mayo Clinic)
So I'm working on repairing these tiny tears and I can't seem to will my body to work harder and faster at healing.  Apparently I have to follow instructions to the letter if I want that to happen and that includes, icing, Epsom salt soak, continue physical and I choose also massage therapy, a little wine therapy doesn't hurt either. A lot of stretching, foam rolling, Pilates and now I'm going to start up on Yoga again because it's a good way to really stretch, strengthen and relieve stress without the added stress on all my joints.

Shared lessons:

1.  Work hard at both getting/staying in shape AND recovering

2.  Warm up/Cool Down and stretching are just as important as the actual work we do in between

3.  You are what you eat, your fitness will only improve if you make nutrition just as important as your physical activity

4.  Hydration, sleep, relaxation matter more than you realize

I'm not giving up on what I love to do but I am making some changes that will help me heal and will probably launch me in a new direction in my fitness world--giving yoga another chance.

Sometimes you need to be knocked down hard to listen and take action.

Stay well,



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