Kids running

Last spring my daughter participated in the RunFit Kidz (RFK) program at her school. I was curious about training kids, mainly because they can be a little crazy immediately after school. I mean lets be real, when they spend six hours "focusing" on school stuff the last thing on their minds is focusing on anything else and paying attention to yet another teacher. Surprisingly, after they run like crazy little chicken let out of the coop, they settle down for about a minute.

The program is geared towards kids 2nd through 8th grade, they meet once a week and each time they learn about body mechanics, nutrition tips, play some fun fitness games and most importantly they run. Starting with one mile and increasing by a 1/4 mile each week for 8 weeks until race day, when they run a 5K set up just like any other race.

Well this year I joined the team of coaches, got my own school and group of kids. It all seemed doable last year when the coach had about 10 kids and 90% of them were cooperating. 

I have 24 kids from seven to nice years old.  For some reason, they don't calm down as quickly or for as long as the older kids. Teaching anything is very challenging when they are running around, however, I took this as a challenge and soon my 24 kids and many of their parents will be running their first 5K and I am super excited.

With the help of many parent volunteers we were able to teach the kids most of what they needed to learn. They always surprised me when I reviewed the previous week and they actually recalled what they learned before because kids do learn while moving at 90 miles per hour, they are the creators of multi-tasking.
"Our commitment is for children at all fitness levels to run better, faster, and smarter.  The goal is for the students to end the program with increased running knowledge and enhanced love for being active." (RFK Founder)
It has been really fun and I am very proud of all my kids for pushing hard to run that extra quarter mile each week.  They have completed a total of 11 miles, more for some of the kids who were fast runners and wanted to run a few extra laps.  They actually asked if they could run more… ha! Of course!

Soon they will run their first 5K and receive prizes for completing the program. I hope they come back next year to run again.

Now go Run!

Stay well,



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