Warmer Weather = More Physical Activity

Cherry Blossoms, Washington DC

At least for me, this is the reality.  In the cold winter months I feel cold inside and out and all I want to do is wrap myself up in a blanket and not move a muscle. I just want to be warm or comfortable. As soon as the weather changes, the grass grows green, the flowers bloom... um we all start sneezing, I know my kind of weather has arrived.

In the winter months anyone who is like me will work really hard at staying active but it will most likely be in the gym or at home or in some other enclosed environment.  Many of my friends thrive in this cold weather, love running in the frigid temps (which for me can be in the 30's) and I think THAT is super, for them...GO YOU!!!

Don't get me wrong, I do go outside and, yes, I stay outside being physically active, playing in the snow, cleaning the driveway after the storm, walking the dog, and even going for a run which is OK once I'm out and running.  I just do not enjoy gearing up for said activities and the time it takes for me to warm up after.  I am a flip-flops, shorts and comfy tank tops kind of girl.  The winter weather makes it a little harder to get up and go without spending  20 minutes prepping, but I do it.

Now that we have this awesome 65 to 85 degree weather it is time to go outside, even if it means taking some type of antihistamine to keep from sneezing or itching all over, there must be some other natural way, must investigate.  Anyway here's my message to anyone looking for a challenge in the coming weeks: go outside. That is where your next challenge lies.

Cherry Blossom 10 Miler
Bike riding, Kayaking or Paddle boarding, playing a sport or walking around the field while watching the kids play their sport, go for a hike, find a new trail, gardening and my personal favorite, go for a run or better yet, commit to an organized walk or run and then do it, not for time but for fun.  All these are forms of outdoor physical activity that are good for your body AND mind. 

Just as important as being physically active, we have to take time out to just rest and recover.  That means you go to a park or the beach and just sit back and relax. Enjoy the beauty around you, enjoy your hard work in the garden. Have breakfast outside, in fact, enjoy all your meals outside. Join an outdoor Yoga or Tai Chi class and teach your body to move a slower pace, to stretch and hold a pose and focus on the mind and body connection. 

Now go outside and enjoy this weather.

Stay Well,


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