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I find that moving causes me to gain weight and it is not all stress related, as much as I'd like to say it is. I have the most amazing friends just about everywhere. They lift me up, challenge me, and support me.  Believe me, I do the same for them. It's a balance of caring and being respectful. Always hard to leave them but I know they will always be in my life.

As I prepared to move from Northern Virginia to the Virginia Peninsula, they thought it would be fun to celebrate and create memories and as you might have guessed, these all included eating and drinking. Yes the party was on at every turn. So much fun.

Being their instructor in fitness made it even more challenging as I should be a role model, however, I love a party and food and drinks just as much so the challenges had to come from the fitness side.

No matter what we did that week to celebrate our friendship, our workouts never suffered. We ran, pushed through hundreds of push ups and burpees, went hiking, paddle boarding, kayaking and enjoyed every single one of them. We hiked a few trails, ran many miles and celebrated our time together without missing a beat. It's what we do.

Now that the move is over and the unpacking mostly done it is time to get back on the road, trails, water and keep up with my crazy friends in the north.

Let's do this!!!

Easy August challenge coming soon.

Stay healthy,



  1. I decided to kill myself again this morning with 8 am Body Pump class. I am in love with that class!


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