Running this town - Poquoson

We recently moved from the DC area and I can say I am finally beginning to feel like I REALLY live here and belong here (at least for the next few years). I had to let go of our town but the amazing people we met are still and forever will be in our hearts.  At some point I had to start focusing on our new hometown...the perils of a military family, to move and meet new people so often that we end up with family all over the world, literally.  It's truly a blessing.

Now we live in the town of Poquoson, VA.  It is a relatively small town with a built in sense of community and recently voted as the number one safest place to live in Virginia. That's pretty cool.  We came here because they have good schools and found safety, community, and very friendly locals.

Now that I live here I find that the best way for me to discover this town and it's people is to run, which prompted me to create a running group on Facebook where I met other runners.  While we may not be able to meet up and run at the same time due to conflicting schedules, it is nice to know others are also out there, discovering the town and finding the areas that are safest for runners, walkers, and bikers.  Safe in the sense of not getting run over by a car.

Probably one of the downfalls is that we have very few sidewalks or walking paths and some just lead to another side street with a dead end.  What that means is that I run in and out of cul-de-sacs a lot, sometimes I find a connecting path to another road, other times I have to turn right back around.

These dead ends, narrow paths, and unpaved street shoulders keep me focused and have forced me to look deeper and discover more.  I could not do any of this if I was driving around town.  Walk, run, or bike... there are endless possibilities of what you might find.

Give it a try. Start a new YOU resolutions to walk, run, or bike in your own hometown. Who knows whom you'll meet or what treasures you'll find.

Stay well,



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