Storm Day Fitness

Stormy days can contribute to a lot of eating and drinking of all the wrong things. It also makes for a great time to binge watch TV. You know it's true even if you decide to play and shovel snow, you can only do that for so long. 

Snow days have the potential for great workouts unless the wind and icy conditions get in the way. I have a few short workouts for you to try this weekend. Do them together with your family, have a competition to see who does more in the time given and while you're working out let the crock pot do the slow cooking for you. 

Ok here's the workout:


Equipment- mat or towel and 2 items heavier than your hands (cans, wine bottles...)

STRENGTH- 3 minutes total with 20 seconds between sets. Do each for one minute.

1. Alternating RIGHT/LEFT reverse Lunge and Shoulder Press Up 

2. Squat and Deltoid Row (Like pulling up your pants)

3. Plié Squat and Bicep Curls, add heel lift for more power in the legs

CARDIO- 2 minutes with 15 second rest. Pick 2 and do for one minute each or do four - 30 seconds each

Jumping Jax
Mountain Climb
High Knee run
Jump rope 
Knee up & press up (lower impact)

CORE- do one for a minute or 2 for 30 sec each

V- sit
Leg lift
Cross cross Abs
V sit toe touch
Plank Knee Pull

10 minutes tops including rest times. Repeat and work harder maybe faster the next time around, then come back and post your experience and results!! 

Here's one of my favorite stormy day recipes - please share one if yours!


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