What was I doing?

Mindfulness was described in Mindfulness Training Best Meditation Course as follows:

 The moment you pay attention to every little thing that happens to you and just experience these without judgment; means you are being mindful of your present.
We all have a little of what we like to call ADD (attention deficit disorder) and it is seen everyday in everything we do.  This post, for example, was started yesterday and while reading other blogs and facebook I found a bunch of other distractions. Needless to say, I never came back, lost my mojo... in reality I'm not sure I got it back but I'm determined to finish what I start.

One thing I have to do, many of us have to do, is to not schedule quiet times when we know a distraction is likely to happen.  I'm so good at this.  Kids are home from school at 3 pm and it never fails at 2:45 I sit with my water or coffee or wine, whatever and try to enjoy a few minutes of silence out back, knowing quite well that it will not last and then I get irritated that my time of solitude lasted only a few minutes and it was my fault....ugh!!

Same thing happens when I begin to do any chore...most of you will agree with me here. We begin to load the dishwasher and realize that the kitchen towels are dirty so why not take them to the laundry room now, SERIOUSLY? RIGHT THIS SECOND? Yes, now. OK on the way there I realize there's a small pile of laundry on the couch so hey let's get that up to the bedrooms and put away, YES NOW! On the way up to the bedroom I drop a sock, go to pick it up and notice  how filthy the carpet and baseboards are, wow someone should really get that cleaned up... NO, NO, NO... UGH OK doing it NOW, in fact using dropped sock to get it done or I'll forget if I put it off... I'm going to stop there and just say that 2 hours later and what I started is still not finished, WOW, what the heck happened?

I'll tell you what goes through my mind.  I'm afraid that if I put it off I'll forget.  I think it will not take so long, just a quick job (not true, ever), I say well no one else is going to see it and do it so I might as well.

You know what? This is a major workout of walking around, picking up things, putting away things, vacuuming, dusting, scrubbing just to do the dishes.

How does this relate to fitness? Well mental health is important and all too often we allow ourselves to become overwhelmed by chores (especially the ones we never finished due to other distractions), we claim OCD and ADD and then we end up with WINE because it was all too much.  If I was OCD I wouldn't be concerned with finding things along the way while doing other chores because everything would be done on the spot. Yeah, no I do not have OCD.

What I don't like is how I feel at the end of a long day "doing dishes".  Exercise is supposed to make that feeling go away, but as the one who has to plan and execute the fitness classes in happy, motivating, and super energizing format, this plan does not work for me because if it did I would be the most chilled person on the planet, I mean I teach a lot so what gives.  A lot of responsibility to do things right for the hundreds of people I see each week.  So I have to do something for me. No plans, no special music, just for me.

Walk, run, sit in the patio or backyard, by a pool or the ocean with a good book preferably with at least an hour to spare before any distractions, or better yet take the quiet time somewhere else so that I have time to complete the ME process and truly be mindful and thankful.  Running is definitely at the top of the list of activities that give me a sense of calm, takes away the urgency of doing chores and helps me feel centered.  Sitting and resting with a good book or better yet, just the sounds of nature help me to really pay attention to the world around me and refocus on what matters most.  When I take the time for me I am less ADD, more calm and everyone is happier.

Mindfulness is the energy that helps us recognize the conditions of happiness that are already present in our lives. -, Mindful:Taking time for what matters

What do you do to find that peace within you?

Enjoy another beautiful day, beautiful because you are in it not because of the weather.

Stay Well,


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