What will you give up to improve your health?

Yes, this is airplane food and I love it.
Have you started thinking about your upcoming week with the POWER UP September Challenge? What are you willing to give up in terms of food and drinks? You already know that what you eat will impact your goals in a big way.
Story time:
About 20 years ago (when I was 12 ha ha) I was working at a pharmaceutical company which meant me sitting a lot, eating and drinking the worst foods... i.e. those lunch time meetings were great for providing me with a free lunch and the 7 am Venti chocolate and caramel swirl Vanilla Latte with whip I thought I deserved for getting up early and taking my boy to day care on time. These were my "sanity keepers" and my weight was climbing, my heart racing, sugar levels reaching new heights.
Then one day a friend said to me try this for one month and only this, give up your 7 am treat. That's it? I asked. That's it she said. I want you to drink water on the way to work, have your coffee at home, just for a month. OK I can do this. I took $5 and put it in an envelope in my car every day that I did not have my treat. At the end of the month I had gained $100 and lost 12 lbs.
I started to learn; more about losing weight than about savings, sadly...anyway, I digress. I started to really pay attention at what else I was eating that I really did not need and I dropped the mid afternoon candy bar, the left over lunch unless it was the vegetables and fruit platter. I learned that I really did not need a lot of the things I craved because I wasn't really craving them, I was just thirsty, very thirsty.
I did not give up some occasional favorites like ice cream and weekend pancakes and of course, my glass of wine. I mean let's be reasonable, I am a mom and one must find inner peace and the inner child all in the same day.
So let's think about this for the next few days. Let's figure out what one or two things we can give up and/or replace with something healthier. Let's see if we indeed are drinking enough water. What are putting in our coffee and do we really need to have it? I'm on it.
Let's do this!



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