Let's get moving! - Week 2

Time: Have you taken the time to exercise, rest, recover, eat, sleep, drink water? No? It's not uncommon. Don't feel bad. I struggle with this issue as well, yes as a fitness trainer if I didn't have to be at the gym I might not have the time either. 

But then there comes a time (there's that word again) when you have to just say "I matter" "my health matters" "my mood matters" and "YOU matter, so I need to exercise so we can both be happy."

But seriously, this is week two of my Let's get moving! plan.
Here is a workout for this week. Break this up any way you want, two different days or all in one day, every other day, the more the better. Let's do this!

Circuit #1

  • Push Ups - 10X ---> Sprint
  • Double Lunges 10X R/10X L ---> Sprint
  • Tricep Dips 10X ---> Sprint
  • Squat Builders (¼ squats) ---> Sprint
**Sprint 20 yards and back, in a parking lot or track. If these are not an option run up and down the stairs 2X, option #3 do High Knee Run for 30 seconds.

Circuit #2

HIIT: 30/5 sec each - Repeat this round 3X

  1. Mountain Climb
  2. Power jax

Proceed with this round - 2X
-30 sec Push Ups/shoulder tabs
-1 min Squats
-30 sec Tricep Push Ups
-1 min Plie Squats

 Alright, time to work.

But first, the winning recipe of the week is.....

Caprese Avocado Salad by Damndelicious.net

Enjoy. Stay well. Let's get Moving!


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