Let's get moving! Week 3

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So here's my dilemma. I am not eating nearly enough fruits and vegetables as I should, not because of my role in fitness but because of my health. Why? Well, it's simply laziness, no lie. I just don't want to take the time to peel a banana or chew an apple.

I know, that takes so much time out of my day. I mean, after eating a banana and walking all the way to the trashcan to throw out the banana peel, I have zero energy or time for anything else.  OK I'm clearly exaggerating about this because it doesn't take away time from my day and some of the things I am eating take longer than grabbing an apple on the way out the door.  But truthfully, since just before the holidays I sort of gave up on eating "all the right foods" and I sort of never came back from that life of denial.

So here I go again. I need to go shopping to load up my fridge, pantry, and counter top with a variety of very colorful foods and then I need to eat them frequently.  I already know that my energy levels will be high, I will feel great, and even lose a few pounds. I don't make resolutions so let's not call it that, just making adjustments to get get my healthy lifestyle back.

On to our weekly workouts. I have no idea who is following this or doing these exercises, hopefully it is helping someone get on track and start to exercise.  Do each of these circuits every other day or 3 days a week do both for 3 rounds each, do what works for you.

Circuit #1:
16X each

1.  Mountain Climbers
2.  Hip bridge (both feet on the floor)
3.  Step up/step down (8 w/right foot and 8 w/left)
4.  Push Ups (knees or toes)

Repeat 3X

Finish: Hold Plank for 45 seconds

Circuit #2:

16X each

1.  Squat Jump or Squat Knee Lift (alternating knees)
2.  Triceps Dips
3.  Static Lunges (8 w/right and 8 w/left )
4.  Crunches (lift shoulders 2 counts up/2 down)

Repeat 3X

Finish: Hold Plank for 45 seconds


Recipe for this week

Warm Quinoa Salad with Edamame and Tarragon

Let's get moving!
Stay well,


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