Belly Fat

Surprise! There's no magic trick or special thing and we don't even need plastic wrap.

Belly Fat!

We all have it, even skinny people with flat abs have belly fat.  It serves as a cushion for organs and bones and all that stuff in there.

The problem is with visceral fat - the fat that is stored deep around your organs and can't be pinched.  An article in MyFitnessPal repeats what I always say to my clients "you can’t forcefully spot reduce fat around your belly no matter how many crunches you do. The next best thing is to live a healthy lifestyle..."


So what do we need to do? Exactly how do I get rid of this excess visceral fat?

Well it's going to take a little time and a lot of patience, determination, and friends to keep you honest.

Here's the magic... Exercise, like for real exercise. Move, sweat, walk, run, swim, bike. Get in there and lift heavy weights. I'm sorry lifting three and five pounds for an extended period of time will only bring on some overuse injuries.

FOOD:  HUGE impact on fat loss.  Lean protein, high fiber, whole foods, eliminating processed foods, added sugars, etc.  There's no trick, it's eating like a normal human being should eat. A french baguette with butter is not one serving just because it's not cut up into little pieces.  Making good choices and being moderate.  All You Can Eat is a recipe for disaster because no one should eat all they COULD eat.

EXERCISE: Yes, you have to move. You have to exercise to burn fat.

REST/RECOVER: You have to recover, give your body a chance to rest before going strong again. 

How do you destress? Yoga, meditation, easy walk in the park, sitting in the sun on a nice day? Whatever you choose to help free your mind of stress for a little while, do it often.

JOURNAL/TRACK:  Keeping track of what you eat and maybe even how you feel can be very eye opening.  I've had days when I think I ate so great and exercised and my confidence is quickly knocked out by the realization that my meal out was not as low fat or cal as I thought and worse yet, my workout, according to my heart rate monitor only killed 200 calories... insert angry face!! Write it down, especially on your most stressful weeks.

Let's do some core strengthening exercises this month but keep in mind, these will strengthen your core, how you eat and how active you are will be key in burning off body fat.  Let's get strong people!! March Challenge coming soon.

Stay Well,



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