Living the good life

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I will probably be sharing a lot more what I'm learning in my Health Coach than expected because everything I'm learning I'm truly taking in and loving.

This idea of writing our happy memories and placing them in a "Memory Jar" and then reading them at the end of the year is pretty cool. I love looking back at something funny, family visits, something we ate, and games we played.  It's a great walk down memory lane.

But recently I read about an equally great idea from Dr. Oz.  It's called a "Good Life" jar.  In this case you are writing steps words that define what it means to live a good life and the steps you can do to achieve that.  For example, he wrote GROWTH - Do something I've been avoiding because of fear of not knowing enough or CONNECTION- take a lunch time stroll with a coworker.

I immediately loved this idea because I feel like it will make me more accountable to do things I avoid doing due to lack of time or what seems like lack of time. We should always have time or make time to live a good life.  This Good Life jar will help me fill the Memory Jar.

Some of my words will be:

FOOD - Try a new Vegan recipe

FUN - Go for a hike with my youngest

SELF CARE - treat myself to massage

COMMUNITY - do something nice for someone else, pay for coffee for a stranger, send letters to friends or family

GROWTH - read about something not related to work or school, something new

It's a start. I like to see this in writing because it forces me to really think about my focus. I generally have the words Self Care writing somewhere in my planner or calendar just so I can be reminded to take a moment and focus on me - my mind, body, and soul need nurturing, preferably not in a rush.

What are your Good Life words? Start filling that jar and see where it takes you.


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