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I started something new. I'm redefining myself, setting new goals, and working to achieve them. How I do it all seems exhausting to many. I'm closing the loop by adding Health Coach to my list of things I love to do.

Image result for iin health coachWhy? Because in my field as a Group and Personal Fitness Trainer I find myself helping people in more ways than just exercise. I want to learn and become more aware of other areas that affect our lives, career, family, and physical/mental health. How can I help you see the better side of you? How can I help you get there? 
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After exploring and researching all the different programs out there, I was introduced to The Institute for Integrative Nutrition by Jenna from Your Growth Matters, a friend and IIN Graduate. The Institute for Integrative Nutrition is not just about nutrition. There's so much more...

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I want to make a difference, I am passionate about helping others achieve good health in the most natural way possible. What drives me IS my passion and my determination to be a part of the ripple effect.

This is happening now, we are  in month four of twelve and it has been quite the learning experience and an eye opening adventure so far.

Now to continue this adventure. 

"If you love what you do, there is always time to do it." - me

Stay Strong,


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